In-House Diagnostics

We offer a wide array of diagnostic tests to ensure you receive rapid results.

Nowhere in the Irving, Las Colinas, and Euless areas will you find a more cutting-edge, well-stocked, in-house laboratory than at Story Road Animal Hospital. We are delighted to offer a wide array of diagnostic tests to ensure you receive rapid results about your pet’s health status. With our in-house laboratory, you can discover more information about your furry friend’s illness or their normal baseline values in a short amount of time, rather than waiting days or weeks for results.

Our In-House Diagnostic Testing Services

We take pride in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory that allows us to perform diagnostic testing in a snap.

With rapid results, we can diagnose your pet’s condition and begin treatment sooner to get your best friend on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. The tests we use for a speedy diagnosis include:

  • Complete blood count to check for anemia, infection, or dehydration
  • Chemistry panel to evaluate organ function and check for electrolyte imbalances
  • Blood glucose level to check for diabetes or hypoglycemia
  • Thyroid level
  • Urinalysis to search for infection, crystals, or inflammation
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites
  • Skin, ear, and mass cytology to search for yeast, bacteria, mites, or abnormalities
  • Tick-borne disease testing
  • Infectious disease testing
  • X-rays
  • Dental X-rays
examining the dog
dog with vet

In-House Diagnostic Testing Services in Irving

If your beloved companion needs rapid test results in the Irving, Las Colinas, or Euless areas, turn to Story Road Animal Hospital for fast service. We also perform baseline diagnostic testing to monitor your pet’s health throughout their life. Give us a call to discuss our diagnostic testing capabilities or to schedule an appointment.