Wellness Care

To ensure your furry loved one lives a long and healthy life, invest in routine wellness care.

Preventive care is a vital part of your pet’s overall health care plan that halts disease in its tracks and staves off illness. Pets need regular physical exams, vaccinations, preventive medications, and general health evaluations to live their best lives. If you want your pet to be the happiest and healthiest in the Irving, Las Colinas, and Euless areas, schedule a wellness visit today.

Our Wellness Care Services

When your pet comes to Story Road Animal Hospital for a wellness visit, they’ll receive more than just a series of vaccinations.

examining the dog

Our team is passionate about preventive care, because it can help your beloved companion live longer if we can catch disease early enough.

To start, we take a thorough history of your pet’s lifestyle, searching for any changes or indicators of hidden issues. Next, we perform a comprehensive physical exam, checking your furry pal out from nose-to-tail. After a physical exam, we perform baseline diagnostic testing that allows us to establish your pet’s normal values and monitor patterns and changes. If there are no issues, we vaccinate your four-legged friend based on their lifestyle and exposure risk.

During your pet’s wellness visit in Irving, we will also screen for parasites and prescribe prevention, discuss diet and nutrition, recommend tips on managing behavior issues, and offer advice on how to help your best friend live a long and healthy life.

Wellness Care in Irving

For all your pet’s wellness care needs in the Irving, Las Colinas, or Euless areas, trust in the dedicated and caring team at Story Road Animal Hospital. From vaccinations to microchipping, we perform all your best friend’s preventive care needs to ensure they remain healthy for many more years of happy memories together. Please call us to schedule your pet’s wellness care visit.

Grey cat being examined